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As a business owner or manager, your challenge is to make more informed decisions. You would hope that your accounting software and other business software alone would deliver such insights. In reality, the weight of these reports often leads to ‘information overload’, which in turn leads to information overload.

What you need is the ability to cut through the noise of spreadsheets and find the ‘truth’ of your business. Only then can you make informed decisions.

What’s the difference between Business Intelligence and normal business reports?

A spreadsheet with dozens of columns of data is not business intelligence. It’s data. Business Intelligence tools such as MYOB Greentree Sales IQ generates ‘human-readable’ reports from various data sources. MYOB Greentree Sales IQ allows you to extract, sort, summarise, and present selected data in a manner that you can make sense of.

MYOB Greentree Sales IQ mines data from your ERP software and turns it into actionable intelligence. This data is delivered in a range of ways, including digital dashboards, graphics and easy to understand spreadsheet formatted printable reports.

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Even the most diligent Managers can fail to see the ‘truths’ in their businesses if they don’t have the right tools. The Star team can demonstrate how MYOB Greentree IQ can help you see your business for what it is.

Nothing explains the modern business paradigm better than ‘fail early, fail fast, fail often.’ You need to keep trying new ideas and business models. Some will work, some won’t. Your goal is to identify quickly the ideas that work and abandon those that don’t. The faster you can do this, the more opportunities you have to dedicate resources where they will have the most impact. That’s the benefit of MYOB Greentree IQ.

MYOB Greentree IQ makes complex business information simple. MYOB Greentree IQ will allow you to see the hidden challenges and opportunities within your business by providing information in a format that you can understand at a glance. MYOB Greentree IQ uses advanced data visualisation to help understand your business better.

The only filters that should be applied to the information you use to make business decisions are the filters you apply yourself. Looking at your business through the prism of others (who may have their own agendas) will not necessarily give you the insights you need. MYOB Greentree’s Business Intelligence tools put you in a position to easily access this information yourself, and in a format that is easy to understand.

Whether it is through dashboards or reports, MYOB Greentree IQ makes it easy for you to get the information you need to make informed decisions, without help. Don’t wait for reports; create them instantly with MYOB Greentree IQ.

MYOB Greentree IQ “What-If” analysis can help you answer some of the questions that might arise as quick as you can think of them. “What-if” easily analyses how costs, price, and volume affects your margins, providing you access to answers that previously might have taken months of forecasting to reach.

MYOB Greentree IQ utilises the world’s No.1 Data Discovery business analytics platform QlikView, to build a total view of the company including the ability to compare customer, product line and territory performance. It makes it easy to identify trends and build forecasts based on ‘what-if’ scenarios and perform detailed critical analysis of key business indicators.

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"Star Business Solutions successfully delivered new enhancement to our BI Dashboard, with management commenting positively on the improved functionality, structure, look and feel."

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