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Business Process Management Software for Midsize Business

One of the primary ways in which businesses can improve their success rates and profitability is through Business Process Management. Business Process Management (BPM) software is one of the most powerful tools employed by organisations to improve efficiency and streamline processes, however until recently there were few BPM software solutions cost effective enough to be employed by mid-sized business. MYOB Greentree BPM is a software solution that works with Greentree’s ERP software and allows mid-sized business the opportunity to streamline the business processes that large companies have enjoyed for many years.

Working with Star and MYOB Greentree

In Australia, MYOB Greentree’s most awarded implementation team is Star Business Solutions. With the implementation of MYOB Greentree’s BPM software, Star can demonstrate, implement and train your team on how to use Greentree’s BPM software to analyse and optimise your business processes.

A new generation of BPM software from MYOB Greentree

In business it is not access to data that is often the problem, it is understanding what all of this data means. Data visualisation is a proven methodology for management to make sense of complex data sets. At the heart of MYOB Greentree’s BPM software is the Workflow Desktop module, which provides dashboards that provide immediate visibility of key business information across the system. These high-level dashboards provide an ‘executive summary’ data visualisation of your business processes, along with the capacity to drill down to the detail behind these high-level views.

Active workflow

The Greentree4 Workflow Desktop module provides an almost unlimited range of dynamic desktop views, providing information updates to all relevant desktops across your organisation in real time. With Greentree4 Workflow Desktop module you can have your finger on the pulse of your business at all times.

Approvals & alerts

Coordinating information, approvals, and documentation of processes between teams of busy people have always been a challenge. Greentree4’s Approvals and Alerts can help automate these daily processes in your business using specifically designed workflow tools. These workflow tools allow your organisation to automate approvals and alerts for critical transactions, documents, and records.

Data import manager

Greentree4 has an intelligent interface tool that enables fail-safe data integration and consolidation, allowing you to overcome many of the traditional challenges associated with importing from disparate or legacy systems.

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These dashboards and executive views can be further enhanced by MYOB Greentree 3D, which both increases the visual capabilities of MYOB Greentree’s BPM and improves functionality. 3D Live gives access to live data, no matter what your enquiry. Whether it’s a customer, an inventory item, account details or work in progress, everything you need to know is displayed in multiple panels. Furthermore, MYOB Greentree 3D anticipates the information you require at any time, and delivers it, without you having to go searching for it.

MYOB Greentree’s BPM helps automate the daily processes in your business using specifically designed workflow tools that allow your organisation to ensure critical transactions, documents or records are monitored and approved through the appropriate chain of command – securely and automatically. MYOB Greentree’s BPM Approvals & Alerts encapsulate your organisation’s structure so that a document can be routed to all employees in the order appropriate for their approval.

MYOB Greentree’s BPM software will not only document your processes; it will automate them. It will deliver consistent, controlled results, no matter who is involved in the process.

Your Business Process Management software is only as intelligent and accurate as the information that drives it, which is why MYOB Greentree’s BPM software incorporates an intelligent interface tool that allows for fail-safe data integration and consolidation. Now you can integrate data from legacy systems effortlessly, reducing business risk. The Data Import Manager designed by MYOB Greentree automates data file imports from non-integrated systems. Whatever your old system, Data Import Manager allows for Word documents, Excel documents and graphical images to be imported and linked to records within your new system.

Paperwork is the enemy of efficiency, however, many organisations still depend on paperwork to run, which is why MYOB Greentree’s BPM can include Autoscan software. Autoscan software allows you to capture paper base documentation into your Business processes by automating document archive and distribution. By automating the archiving of essential business documentation, your organisation can secure vital documentation and further streamline approvals, notifications, and other business processes.

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"Approvals and Alerts have transformed purchasing into a structured, secure, best practise process the whole organisation has absolute confidence in. This alone, has reduced our carbon footprint by 30%"

Michael Rodwell