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MYOB Greentree produces a series of eBusiness modules designed to extend the capacity of your MYOB Greentree ERP system, streamlining business processes, improving communications and empowering your people in the field.

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Your sales team is never more effective than when they are face to face with your customers. MYOB Greentree4Sales has been designed to enable your salespeople to spend more time selling and less time at a desk filling in paperwork. MYOB Greentree4Sales liberates your sales team from repetition by allowing them to access and update critical business information while they are in the field. The can even assess stock levels and generate quotes on the spot. This helps reduce sales cycles and improve customer satisfaction levels.

The last thing a customer ever wants to hear from a service person is ‘I don’t know.’ With MYOB Greentree4Service your field service can access all of the information they need about a customer, their account, and assets when they need it most. MYOB Greentree4Service allows your field service team to be more informed, reducing time wastage and delivering a superior servicing experience to customers.

Your customers don’t necessary work the same hours that your business operates. Your MYOB Greentree’s WebStore module provides a secure 24/7 complete on-line solution that enables customers to browse product catalogues and check pricing. With your MYOB Greentree’s WebStore, customers can even check if the product is in stock and place orders.

The MYOB Greentree eCRM Service Portal takes the most important features of your MYOB Greentree CRM and makes them accessible through webs browsers. This extended CRM function ensures your team has access to critical business information from anywhere.

Allows your team in the field to record time accurately, at a summary or detailed level. MYOB Greentree4Timesheets allows your people working across multiple companies or divisions to record and charge for their time. MYOB Greentree4Timesheets also provides inbuilt reminders to make sure timesheet’s never running late.

MYOB Greentree allows your HR people to accurately manage employee data and HR processes that are crucial to the efficiency of day-to-day business operations. eHR lets remote staff and HR managers deal with routine HR requests expediently, allowing management to focus on core business needs.

Your customers expect a higher level of service, particularly when they rely on it to keep their operations running. Is your business equipped to manage this dynamic and challenging target? With MYOB Greentree eRequisitions you are.

Imagine being able to process key business approvals on the go. With MYOB Greentree eApprovals, your team can access information from your warehouse, a branch office in China or even from a taxi on the way to the airport. eApprovals help increase workflow efficiency and minimise delays across your business. eApprovals prevents bottlenecks in the business process and makes your busiest people that much more efficient.

At the push of a button MYOB Greentree’s eReporting provides the flexibility and ease of use to automatically send reports and business documents to staff, customers, and suppliers via email, print or fax. With MYOB Greentree’s eReporting you can effortlessly provide better communication across your business.

Are your trading partners demanding you trade electronically? Can your business afford reduced productivity through process inefficiencies and human error? Do you simply not have the technology needed to meet these key demands? MYOB Greentree’s EDI solution helps you to create seamless integration for your business with the organisations you depend on upon.

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"The bottom line is, for those big chains the EDI solution has to work, and work consistently. We can’t afford to have orders going missing or not being processed, and the reliability of our MYOB Greentree system gives us that important trading lock-in. It also saves a lot of time in terms of re-keying orders and eliminated human error."

David Horner