MYOB Greentree Solutions

IT Service Management

Through Star Business Solutions affiliates and partners we can provide full IT Service Management, including onsite support Australia wide.

IT Risk Management

Through affiliates and partners, Star Business Solutions can provide you with a solution where your critical IT systems are monitored 24×7 with an IT helpdesk and onsite support available whenever you needed it.

These solutions ensure Star clients are always connected to the centralised Network Operations Centre, with critical IT functions such as backups and system health being constantly monitored and tasks such as patching, anti-virus updates, and disk checks being performed automatically, outside of business hours. Star can provide a full outsourced IT management package, assisting with budget planning, risk analysis, and change management.

Outsourced IT Management Services

Star’s affiliates and partners can provide an IT Management Solution that fits the needs of your organisation. This can include fixed price, all-inclusive services agreements that provide 24×7 monitoring and automated maintenance services, as well as access to an IT Helpdesk.

Tailored IT Hardware Solutions

Through its affiliates and partners, Star can help you scope and manage your IT hardware project. We can ensure that resources are allocated where they have the greatest impact, help you build an IT hardware Risk Management strategy and help you plan for future expansion.

Star, via its affiliates and partners, can even provide a hardware scoping solution that has been designed to help you maximise the return of your MYOB Greentree ERP software solution and help you plan for future expansion.

Equally, as important, Star and our affiliates and partners can manage your IT project implementation, ensuring you can deliver your project on time and within budget.

Cloud Solutions

MYOB Greentree can be served in the Cloud. Star can provide you with a Cloud server solution that allows you to maximise the security and speed of your MYOB Greentree software, as well as serve other Cloud supported business critical software.

Star’s Cloud solution makes organisations more nimble and creates opportunities to manage people, sites, and offices remotely.

IT Audit Services

Star can provide you with access it IT Auditing services that allow you to build an unbiased view of your current IT infrastructure and align it with both your current and future needs. This service can include a Risk mitigation strategy and scope for current and future upgrades.


"The real benefit of using Comvision and Star is that we trust both companies to work together in the background to provide the best solution for our business. Comvision ensure that our underlying IT infrastructure and critical systems such as back up and disaster recovery, meet the requirements set down by Star for the MYOB Greentree system. Star are able to work with Comvision when they need to provide critical maintenance to the MYOB Greentree system."

Brian Emberson