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Smart businesses are mobile. They spend more time with a client than sitting behind a desk. MYOB Greentree provides you and your sales and field services team the opportunity to spend time on the tasks that count. The tasks that increase sales and customer satisfaction levels, the tasks that drive repeat business and recommendations.

MYOB Greentree’s mobile suite of solutions will make your people more informed, allowing them to work more efficiently, reduce repetition and errors. MYOB Greentree’s mobile suite of solutions takes advantage of the technology that is never more than 3 feet from your people (their smartphones and tablets) to transform how you do business. MYOB Greentree’s mobile suite of solutions may just be the competitive advantage you have been seeking.

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Warehouse managers need to balance the needs of customers while reducing cash flow locked up in stock. They should also have a goal of zero wastage and errors. MYOB Greentree Mobile Warehouse Operations suite can provide the platform for your business to realise these goals with our unique suite of Mobile software. MYOB Greentree Mobile Warehouse Operations suite provides your warehouse workforce with all of the tools they need to generate accurate and timely inventory counts while maximising accurate and on-time deliveries. Barcode scanning ensures product picked and packed right every time. By eliminating keying errors transcribing from paper, MYOB Greentree Mobile Warehouse Operations suite helps reduce inventory outages as well as picking and dispatch errors resulting in customer complaints, unnecessary sales credits, extra shipping costs or lost sales, all costing your staff time and your business money. With MYOB Greentree Mobile Warehouse Operations suite you can maintain optimal inventory levels through real-time visibility.

The smartphone your sales force carry with them today is more powerful than a laptop was only a few years ago. It’s also more mobile and is never more than 3 feet from them. It makes sense that this is the tool they prefer to use when they are in the field. MYOB Greentree4Sales allows your sales team to be better organised and prepared when they are with clients. Whether they prefer a tablet or a smartphone, MYOB Greentree4Sales allows your sales force to generate and access sales quotes, appointments, open leads and sales orders. Your sales teams can even obtain prices on the go with the ‘Price and Availability’ applet. By selecting a customer, they will receive pricing specific to the client. Inventory balances are also provided to empower sales staff to answer customer queries on the spot. MYOB Greentree4Sales empowers your sales team to work more efficiently and focus attention on driving new business and increasing sales.

The goal of any Field service management software should be to place all of the information your field service team requires at their fingertips, whenever they need it. This means providing access to back office data, such as client contact information, client history, service history and asset registers. This is the role of MYOB Greentree4Service. MYOB Greentree4Service is designed to provide in-the-field access to all key client and service information stored in your MYOB Greentree4 ERP software. As importantly, MYOB Greentree4Service allows your Field service team to update information on clients, service calls and request when they are clearest in their mind. The workflows of MYOB Greentree4Serviceeven enable the information in the field to generate invoices automatically. MYOB Greentree4Service allows your Field service team to be more nimble, efficient and deliver a better customer experience than ever before. From a back office perspective, MYOB Greentree4Service streamlines inventory management improves invoicing and ensures customer information and service logs are always current.

MYOB Greentree4Timesheets enables your team to record time against the work they are doing, as you are doing it. With MYOB Greentree4Timesheets, there is no need for your Field service team to wait until they are back at the office to update timesheets. MYOB Greentree4Timesheets even allows your team to record expenses on the go. Timesheets and expenses can be automatically logged in your MYOB Greentree4 ERP software, allowing for faster and more accurate invoicing. MYOB Greentree4Timesheets can also provide reminders and alerts to improve efficiency and customer services levels. Most importantly of all, MYOB Greentree4Timesheets provides a simple and intuitive mobile solution making it a pleasure to use.

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