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MYOB Advanced Customer Management


Your MYOB Advanced solution features a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution, with features that link customer purchasing, behavioural and locational data. Enterprise-wide customer data allows you to create more streamlined and automated customer relationship management. Your CRM also allows you to create more targeted marketing decisions, creating campaigns that drive greater revenue. 


You can’t hit a target you can’t see. MYOB Advanced delivers dashboards that allow you to measure in real-time how your people and business is performing against KPI’s and other business goals.  In addition, MYOB Advanced dashboards allow you and your team to monitor and respond to trends in real-time. 


There are many ways your customers can demonstrate how they feel about your products and services. The same is true to how they respond to your business process, people, pricing, and customer service. MYOB Advanced allows you to create customer customised and automated standardised reports that provide you with the truth about how customers view your business, empowering more proactive customer management models. Share HTML, PDF, Excel, and Word formatted reports between decision-makers and make faster, more informed decisions. 

Database management and segmentation 

The more personalised and targeted your marketing and communication strategy, the better the returns. Combine leads from your website, trade shows and events, or manual entry and automatically assign them to the right salesperson. Create more and better target segments, manage online campaigns, and monitor performance in real-time with MYOB Advanced integrated marketing. 

Sales team support 

With MYOB Advanced, you can automate many aspects of your sales process, improving the efficiency of your sales teams and sales strategies. Provide your sale teams with up-to-date contact info. Implement automated alerts on new opportunities and provide a path to drill down into customer histories. Track captured leads from marketing activities to measure and improve conversions with your sales team. 

Promotion and discount management 

As a fully integrated solution, MYOB Advanced makes it simpler to manage promotions and discounts by including business rules to your order management system that calculates and applies the best discount combinations. 

Integrated Document management 

Create a ‘single source of truth’ for all your marketing materials in a central repository. MYOB provides a solution that allows you and your team to collect customer collateral, price lists and contract templates. You can even choose to apply for access permissions at a document level to ensure security. 

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