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Your sector is undergoing a complete digital transformation. Paperwork and spreadsheets are being replaced by anywhere, anytime access, dashboards, and automated reporting. Ordering processes are linked to inventory levels and automated reordering. Even when and how orders are delivered and invoiced are managed by smart digital processes. MYOB Advanced was designed to help you optimise every aspect of your distribution business.

Improved customer and team experiences

MYOB Advanced is a cloud-based ERP solution. Cloud-based software has become the product of choice for business, as it allows teams to access and update data and information securely on any device with internet access. The same is true for your customers. Star can set up your MYOB advanced solution with a customer portal, allowing your customers to place and track orders securely from anywhere.  Your customers can have online access to you. For your customers, you can include special pricing. Your team can have expansive product lines and features and access to inventory and pricing information on the go.  

Improved stock management 

Star can deliver an MYOB Advanced solution that helps you optimise stock levels across multiple warehouses, e-commerce, and Third-Party Logistics platforms. Connect every aspect of your distribution business and make better, more informed decisions about stock control. Automate aspects of your stock ordering to avoid delays and shortfalls. Create reports and dashboards to understand stock requirements better. Create projections and ‘what if’ scenarios based on historical data. Reduce stock levels while providing an exceptional customer experience with Star and MYOB Advanced. 

Better financial management 

MYOB Advanced allows you to break down financial and information silos in your organisation. Utilising a general ledger model, your business can improve AR collection and AP simply through greater efficiency in ordering, invoicing, and electronic payments. Budget and projections also become more straightforward, with customisable and automated reports. Predict and plan for peaks and market changes through better reporting and data analysis. Real-time customisable dashboards allow you to see and manage your businesses finances in real-time. 


In a few years, your business may look very different to the way it is now. You may have more sites, more complex structures and even operate in other countries. Star can provide you with an MYOB Advanced ERP solution that suits your needs today and prepares you for an unwritten future. Star can implement and support you with a solution that adapts to meet both the opportunities and challenges of an ever-changing market from multiple languages to multiple currencies and multiple entities in one financial structure. 

The path to geographic growth and expansion 

Are you operating in other countries and currencies under multiple compliance models? Do you manage multiple entities under one financial structure? MYOB Advanced was built to handle this level of complexity. MYOB Advanced can cost-effectively meet your needs today and support your growth plans.  

People performance 

Your business needs to hum like a well-oiled machine. The only problem is that your people are not machines. Their roles are limited, and so is their capacity. Under pressure, ill-informed and under-resourced, they make mistakes. Help your people work better with MYOB Advanced. Remove the need for paperwork and repetitive data entry and provide business-critical information in the hands of those who need it, when and where they need it. 

Anytime, anywhere access 

Your new MYOB Advanced software is hosted in the cloud…an Australian located cloud. That means you and your team have secure, real-time access to essential business information from any device with a strong internet connection. Securely hosting your data in Australia ensures your data complies with Australian data regulations.  

A SaaS ERP system 

In addition to the hardware costs savings of a cloud-hosted solution, MYOB Advanced offers SaaS (Software as a Service) pricing, which means you pay as you go. Now you can scale (up or down) licencing to meet your needs and change your software to meet your changing business needs. It also means lower upfront licencing costs and faster implementation. 

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"Stars support was first-rate. They were always prompt and knowledgeable with solutions that produced the right outcomes."

Michael Lien, Financial Controller