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MYOB Advanced HR & Payroll

Streamline and simplify HR and payroll  

As a mid-sized business, your HR and Payroll needs have changed. You need a solution designed to deal with complexities like pay item and entitlements, plus multiple employee pay groups and pay frequencies. MYOB Advanced People was built for these and more. 

A fully integrated solution 

To run smoothly, you need every aspect of your business to be integrated. MYOB Advanced People works in the same way. Automatically generate General Ledger journals and payment batches while providing information to team members and electronic, interactive forms to employees. 

Allow your team intuitive screen views of payroll transactions, entitlement accruals and tax liabilities. As a result, remove paperwork, reduce duplication of data entry and reconciliations while simplifying compliance and reporting. 

Simplified compliance 

MYOB Advanced People features an online tax compliance engine designed for both Australia and New Zealand. Take comfort in the fact that your cloud-based HR and payroll solution is always maintained with the latest ATO (Australia) and IRD (New Zealand) tax rates and thresholds. 

Simple reporting and audit trails 

As an enterprise-wide solution, your HR and Payroll makes it simple to produce both customised and standardised automated reporting. Audit tracking is also simpler, making it easier to identify and solve any potential issues. 

A complete HR and Payroll solution for growing organisations 

Your organisation will probably look very different in 5 years from how it looks today. As will your workforce. As a cloud-based solution, MYOB Advanced People is constantly evolving and finding better and more efficient ways to manage people, payroll, and compliance obligations. SaaS (Software as a Service) licencing allows you to adapt your pricing to suit your changing needs easily. Star can provide a version of MYOB Advanced People adapted to meet your specific business needs while providing ongoing support no matter what direction your organisation takes in the future. 

AZL Holdings Pty Ltd

"Stars support was first-rate. They were always prompt and knowledgeable with solutions that produced the right outcomes."

Michael Lien, Financial Controller