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MYOB Advanced projects

Projects. People. Performance. 

Projects allow you to connect and manage people, resources, documentation, and equipment, creating a ‘single source of truth’ for your projects. Real-time updates allow you and your team to see current expenditure and track employee time, as well as manage sub-contractors, materials, and your inventory. In addition, manage budgets and compare existing project costs with original budgets to continuously monitor performance. 

Scalability, flexibility, and complexity 

Few projects progress without changes or variations. No matter how many changes, the size or complexity of the project, MYOB Advanced projects is designed to accommodate your plans. It also allows you to manage complexities in multiple currencies and multiple languages. 

Anywhere, anytime access 

As a cloud-based solution, MYOB Advanced projects provides secure, role-based, anywhere, anytime access from any device. Providing access for your teams to submit timesheets, create and access work orders, and access critical project information and documentation from the field. 

Improve project financial management and performance 

MYOB Advanced projects makes it simpler to predict and track future revenue as the project progresses. You can also create formulas to allocate shared and overhead expenses to individual projects. Predict revenues in project budgets by attributing tasks to individual projects or globally. Establish billing rules and assign resources, billing rates by individual, job role, or project. 


Project templates 

Design and use master templates to create new projects, and allocate people and equipment to individual projects. Integrate and manage billings and budgets from within a project template. 

Create a more agile project management environment

Build flexibility and agility into your project management. Deliver greater visibility and control to your teams anywhere, at any time. Improve budget and financial management for individual projects. Embed business rules, approvals, alerts into project workflows. Better manage people and project performance in the one secure, intuitive solution. Let Star demonstrate how you can make create a more agile project management environment. 

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