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Smart organisations take the lessons learned from the best sales people, their best customer service experiences, and their most successful promotional strategies and embed them into their business and operational models. It’s called ‘institutional memory’ and its how successful organisations create consistency in their business models.

Nowhere is consistency more important than when you engage with customers. The frequency and quality of those engagements determine if a customer will purchase from you again and if they will recommend you to others.

The best way to maintain this consistency is with an advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solution, such as Greentree CRM.

What is CRM software?

CRM software should be your ‘single source of truth’ about how you engage with your customers. From a high-level perspective, it can provide insights into how your customers prefer to engage with your organisation and people, provide information on sales cycles, identifying additional sales opportunities and challenges and even competitor intelligence.

From a customer-facing perspective, a great CRM solution should empower ever person in your organisation who engages with customers to have access to information that personalises, streamlines and enhances the customer experience.

A CRM solution is only useful if people use it

Software only services a purpose if it makes people’s lives better. Traditionally many CRM solutions have failed simply because they didn’t deliver benefits to users.

Greentree’s CRM software has high user acceptance for two key reasons. Firstly, it’s intuitive. People will use software that makes sense, and Greentree’s CRM makes perfect sense. The second reason is that it removes repetition from the customer engagement process. By putting the right information into the hands of the right people, you’re empowering your people to work more efficiently and deliver a more informed, targeted experience to customers.

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The logistics of creating and managing customer and donor engagement campaigns is the biggest barrier to the frequency with which organisations run such activities. MYOB Greentree’s CRM makes the process simpler and faster to implement and delivers measurable outcomes. The simplicity of use and feedback provided by MYOB Greentree’s CRM incentivises your people to engage with customers and donors more frequently.

Organisations that don’t have strategies to upsell and cross sell to existing clients are missing out on opportunities to increase profitability. MYOB Greentree’s, CRM solution allows you embed upsell and cross-sell into your customer engagement process. MYOB Greentree’s CRM communicates with your MYOB Greentree ERP software, enabling you to develop a deeper understanding of previous sales history, creating opportunities to increase sales to each client. You can even add this functionality into your customer inquiry and complaint management process.

Your people need access to customer information when they are on site, not just while they’re sitting behind a desk. Your sales and service people do their best when they are face-to-face with customers. When your people have customer information at their fingertips onsite, they can be even more efficient and effective. MYOB Greentree allows your people to access everything from historical customer sales and engagement data to inventor through eCRM software. MYOB Greentree’s eCRM solution is also useful for those working remotely or running multiple offices, as it allows for authorised and secure access to customer data, using web access.

Star provides a fundraising module for MYOB Greentree’s CRM. This module allows charities to capture specific pledge and donation information, such as who made the pledge/donation, what it relates (e.g. campaign or event) to and the amount involved. It also allows for the secure receipt and acknowledgment of donations by automatically generating tax invoices. The module is designed to help charities improve donor relations, as well as boost campaign results while reducing administration costs.

With MYOB Greentree’s CRM contacts, tasks, appointments, and follow-ups can all be published to Microsoft Outlook, providing you and your team with offline access to key information. You can even put a face to a name by attaching files (including Microsoft Office Word® and Microsoft Office Excel®), pictures and graphics to an organisation or a contact.

Everything from invitation lists to inviting customers or prospects to a seminar, conference or business development function, to quotes and invoices will all be easily and securely taken care of with MYOB Greentree’s CRM. MYOB Greentree’s CRM even includes a Resource Planner that records bookings and events in the system with a simple graphical interface that gives a visual account of resource deployment.

If you don’t provide customers with an opportunity to air their grievances with you, then they will find other channels. Nowadays that means review sites, forums, and their social media channels. In the social media world, it takes as many as 12 positive reviews to make up for 1 negative. MYOB Greentree’s CRM creates an opportunity for your customers to complain about a negative experience with a product, services or customer experience, allowing you to manage and monitor your responses promptly that creates loyalty, not a bad online review.

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"We do a lot of CRM communications in chasing debts,” adds Operations Manager Jeff Vilensky. “We use that system rather efficiently to make sure that we capture each phone conversation with a customer, so it’s difficult for them to fob us off with an excuse for why a debt hasn’t been paid."

Jeff Vilensky