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Payroll software with HR

Finding the right people for your organisation is hard. Keeping them is harder. Managing the payroll, legislative and OHS requirements is complex. This is made more so for growing business or not for profit’s with casual or remote workforces.

MYOB Greentree’s suite of Payroll software with HR is designed to help you attract and keep the best people, better plan and manage your human resources and meet all of your statutory requirements. MYOB Greentree’s suite of Payroll software with HR makes all of this possible, using fewer resources.

Attract and retain the best people

MYOB Greentree has a suite of solutions to help your recruit and retain the best people. From a single solution, you can handle recruitment as well as develop and implement personalised employee development strategies. MYOB Greentree even allows you to build internal recruitment strategies.

Better manage your people

From OHS compliance to leave planning and everything in-between, MYOB Greentree offers a complete solution to improving the management of you most precious resource, your people. The key to this is empowering your people through web access, to update their personal records and make electronic leave requests.

Improve your payroll management

MYOB Greentree helps you streamline your payroll management, by reducing repetition and providing intuitive workflows. With extensive reporting, easy to customise templates and full integration with your ERP software, MYOB Greentree’s payroll solution will help you improve your payroll management.

Keep your records current

The enemy of accurate record keeping is complexity. If you make it simple for your HR & OHS team to keep records accurate and up to date, they will. MYOB Greentree provides both the secure web-enabled access and simple workflows to make this a reality.

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A critical and challenging function for any growing business or not for profit is the efficiency of the payroll processes. MYOB Greentree provides a payroll module that is designed and automated to streamline payroll processing. MYOB Greentree payroll provides easy to use and adaptable templates and extensive reporting capabilities. MYOB Greentree payroll integrates with MYOB Greentree HR modules, providing a fully integrated payroll solution.

No matter what your business, your people are crucial to its success. MYOB Greentree’s HR Management (HRM) module helps you build an accurate understanding of your people and their capacity. With a clearer understanding of your people and their capacity, you are better positioned to apply resources and plan for future growth.

MYOB Greentree’s eHR module provides online access and approvals for leave requests and approvals. More importantly, MYOB Greentree’s eHR module makes it practical to manage remote workforces and your people on the move. MYOB Greentree’s eHR module is an essential tool for any business or not for profit working with a mobile workforce.

Recruitment can be a time consuming and costly process for business and not for profit’s. MYOB Greentree’s Recruitment module is designed to manage the process of attracting, assessing and recruiting the best talent available. MYOB Greentree’s Recruitment module fully integrates with the MYOB Greentree Human Resource Management module, allowing you to maintain an applicant database. MYOB Greentree’s Recruitment module is flexible enough to enable you to build a recruitment process that reflects both your business model and size.

Attracting the right people is not enough. You need an onboarding process that helps outline a career development process for each new team member. MYOB Greentree Employer development provides a platform where you can formalise your onboarding process, map out and formalise training and development requirements for each employee, ensuring you retain the best people.

Poor leave planning can leave your organisation without key resources when they are needed most. MYOB Greentree’s Leave Planning module is designed to help you and your team better manage the process, by providing a highly visible leave planning board, leave forecasting and analysis. MYOB Greentree’s Recruitment module also provides automated leave request processing real-time leave approvals. MYOB Greentree’s Recruitment module is designed to help you satisfy the leave needs of your people while ensuring your organisation is never left under-resourced.

Failure to comply with Health and Safety requirements can leave boards criminally liable. MYOB Greentree’s Health & Safety module is designed to help organisations and management mitigate risk by providing a clearer and auditable Health & Safety training, compliance and incident management process.

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"We had complicated payroll issues, so we needed one system that could capture all costs on multiple levels and could work remotely as well."

Lisa Mills