MYOB Greentree Solutions

POS Software for Mid-size Retail Business

By the time you have done all the work required to get a customer all the way to your retail point of sale you’ll want to be sure that things run smoothly enough to get their money in the register and walk away another happy customer.

Maximising your customer’s experience, taking control of your inventory and securing your POS system at every level and point of access – are all processes that we can help with.

‘Track and trace’ audit trail

Our Point of Sale system will give you the peace of mind of an audit trail for ‘track and trace’ so you can see who, when, where and how access took place, what was sold and to which customers. You will have all the tools necessary to control who can access each POS system and the parameters and mechanisms in place to manage how and identify where access took place.

A faster POS system with shorter queues and happier customers

Designed to maximise data entry efficiency, our POS system, minimises the number of keystrokes required to enter a sales transaction. In the event a customer transaction or enquiry looks like it might hold-up customers, the operator can politely ask if they mind waiting while the enquiry is dealt with then ‘park’ the transaction, continue with the next customer and retrieve the transaction later. This means shorter queues and much happier customers by the time they get to the check-out operator.

Live inventory information

Operators can also access live inventory information so customers can be provided with price and availability at all locations within your business!

Fully integrated with the rest of your business

With all the modules we provide your POS system they will also be fully integrated with your Inventory, Accounts Receivable and General ledger modules – creating a highly integrated core business for the most efficient integrated ‘live’ environment.

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"When I first came on board, the business had no clear visibility of its inventory, particularly at shops. We built Stock In Transit movements into the Goods Issued and Goods Receipting process between MYOB Greentree and the POS system, so we now have very strong inventory management capability."

David Horner