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Service Management Software & Asset Management for mid-size Business

As an organisation, maintenance and management of assets are paramount to keeping your business running smoothly. Whether you are servicing your own equipment or servicing equipment is part of your client offering, you need business processes that help you plan resources, anticipate needs and maintain a consistent approach. MYOB Greentree’s Service Management Software and Asset Management modules for MYOB Greentree ERP allow you to do just that.

Working with Star to build your ideal service and asset management processes

No two organisations have the same service and asset management needs. The best solution is one that reflects your resources, your business model, and your client needs. Starting with MYOB Greentree’s out-of-the-box solution the Star team will help you define, customise and implement a service and asset management solution that can streamline your business, reduce errors, better manage stock levels, provide support and information to your field service teams and improve customer satisfaction levels.

Are your service departments underperforming due to poor service and support software?

The most efficient service departments are the ones who communicate the best. Missed service calls, overlooked requests, late maintenance, unscheduled downtime, cost overruns and potentially unbilled service delivery can often be traced to the architecture that drives how a service department communicates. If you are dealing with out of date or antiquated paper-based systems, or (worse still) person-to-person communication, then mistakes will happen. MYOB Greentree’s Software & Asset Management solution allows you to develop a business flow, complete with alerts and approvals, ensuring no details are overlooked. And if a problem does occur, MYOB Greentree’s Software & Asset Management solution provides an audit path to track the problem to its source, allowing you to prevent a reoccurrence.

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No matter what good will you have built over the years with a client, it can all evaporate with one bad service experience. When customers have a problem, they usually start off feeling frustrated, anxious or outright angry. Although this issue does not necessarily originate with your product or people, your customer service has to deal with the brunt of this emotion. The best way to alleviate this is to help the client achieve their goals as quickly as possible. The best support you can provide your customer service team is a software solution that puts all of the necessary client information right at their fingertips. If a customer service person can demonstrate within a few seconds that they have an understanding of the clients requirements and history, and can then link them directly to the right person or confirm a service or maintenance call that experience will be positive and memorable. It may even generate an opportunity for your Field Service and Customer service teams to up or cross sell other products or service. This is the promise of MYOB Greentree’s Customer Service module.

MYOB Greentree’s Software & Asset Management solution allows you to build asset profiles, schedule maintenance and track all asset events. You can even link assets to a Fixed Asset Register, to create depreciation schedules. The more complex your asset management requirements become, the more grateful your team will be that you have a solution to help them manage and maintain your assets. With MYOB Greentree’s Software & Asset Management solution you can keep track of external assets and their locations that may include your own items, or those that you have sold and now maintain under warranty or service contract agreement with your customer. The locations of these items can be defined, and details of the relevant maintenance contract can be specified per location. Your system can even automatically generate regular maintenance work and service requests as milestones are passed.

Web-based technology has changed your customers’ expectations. Your customers often have problems with the assets you provide them outside of regular working hours. Many organisations operate hours outside of your normal operating hours. They have an expectation that you will be able to meet both their urgent and non-urgent service and maintenance needs. MYOB Greentree’s eService module makes this practical. Once you have it in place, your customers can login 24/7 and log their needs. You can set up auto response and send a notification to the right people. For more urgent response requirements, you can even send notifications to individuals and your Field service team. MYOB Greentree’s eService module provides you with a 24/7 customer support solution that perfectly dovetails into your existing service and Asset Management process.

YOB Greentree’s Contracts & Service Level Agreements module allows specific customer support or maintenance contracts to be defined and managed. MYOB Greentree’s Contracts & Service Level Agreements module is designed to deal with the complexity of contracts & service level agreements across multiple business types and contract classifications. MYOB Greentree’s Contracts & Service Level Agreements module is designed to create transparency where it is needed and improve the management of client expectations.

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"With the direction we were heading, we needed something that was far more consistent across the company, was robust, and was delivering real-time information. We ended up choosing MYOB Greentree because it delivered more than just an accounting package. We wanted to be able to enter the data in once and it could flow all the way through to a job being registered."

Mark Nilsen