Is your Tier One ERP software system too heavy for your needs?

The construction of the Empire State Building used 60,000 tonnes of steel. The Sydney Harbour Bridge opened 12 months later and used 20% less steel. In today’s terms, both projects are over-engineered. Using the latest technology, equally beautiful and even more extraordinarily engineered projects are being completed today using a fraction of those resources.

Are your Business Management Systems over-engineered?

Listed companies and subsidiaries of your size have similar opportunities to create greater efficiencies in your businesses. You may have the belief that your business requires a complex and expensive Business Management Software system, such as a  Tier 1 ERP solution to operate effectively. 

This may have been true at some time…it is not today. Star Business Solutions works with many businesses of your size, type and nature. Our experience clearly demonstrates that you have the potential of reducing your annual licencing and maintenance costs for your ERP and Business Management systems by as much as 50%.


“This is my third ERP project, and Star’s level of commitment, right up to their CEO, is unprecedented in my experience.”

Austen Perrin - CFO, AJ Lucas


Complexity doesn’t equate to better

Your goal is to look at every aspect of your business to identify complexity and cost. You want the flexibility to adapt and grow into new markets, with Business Management Systems that can adapt and grow with you. Star Business Solutions has both the experience and solutions that allow you to reduce complexity and cost, as well as help make your business processes more efficient. Star Business Solutions can also demonstrate how you can gain more actionable insights over your business processes than ever before, using the latest Business Intelligence tools.


“Greentree was the best solution for features and cost, without needing large-scale customisation to achieve what we wanted.”

Austen Perrin - CFO, AJ Lucas


Understanding what’s right for you today

Like most software solutions, ERP and Business Management Systems have evolved greatly in the past few years. What you may have accepted as the best solutions for your business may no longer be the case. Start a conversation today about an ERP solution that’s just the right fit for your business for today and tomorrow.

Below is a list of companies similar to your own that have benefited from the latest ERP and Business Management Systems implemented and maintained by the Star Business Solutions team.